Star Guild Awards 2015 720p Download Renault Star Guild Awards by Geonie & OLA

Download Full Video Reno Star Guild Awards Co-Presented by Geonie Smart phones and OLA Cab hosted by World's most famous and talented Comedian Kapil Sharma. Well currently I'm to watching the Reno Star Guild Awards live.

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Performance of Jacklin Farnandis on Lovely, 2-States+Queen Theme Song, Yaar Na Mile
Performance of Amitabh Bachchan in memories of Ravi Chopra
Superb Rocking Performance of Shahid Kapoor on Bismil (He proved his talent and he is the on of most best in the Bollywood).
Jacklin Farnandis look very funny as Co-Host of Kapil, the Comedy on Kapil's English & the world cup kiss was superb.
Pariniti Chopra's Safai Abhiyan is really appreciating.
Performance of Amitabh Bachchan
Performance of Alia Bhatt on Highway Songs and Radha from SOT
Performance by Aushman Khurana on Dak Ticker ja ri Hogi Sta…

Facebook Bugs & Errors | Bugs 2015 |

Facebook is the 2nd most visited website in the world (1st before a year). Facebook has a great team of excellent programmers and coders but still have lots of bugs & errors. Let's discuss some essential issues which have not been resolved.
Why Facbook Bugs are increasing Day by Day:  In last of 2013 was top site but after the populartity of Android and many Social Applications facebook users moving to other stuffs like whatsapp, intagram etc. Mr. Mark Jarkrbur (founder of want to place facebook on #1 again so the Facebook developer team every day experiment and do changes in site features. That's the main reason for increasing facebook bugs.
Facebook Face 100+ Tags:  Facebook have limitation of 50 tags per picture only and before some time it works great but now after you can tag 100+  peoples in a photo. Now question is how to 100+ in a photo ? Open photo or status in new tab in which you want to tagClick to edit button below photo …

Google Search Tricks - Interesting Tips for Google Search Engine

Hello friends today we gonna talk about the How to get better results from Google Search Engine and how to avoid annoying ads on web-pages. But to know all these stuff we should know first "How Google Search Works" so here we go. How Google Search Works: Google search simply show you webpages, based on your search query (Keywords). Now questions is how Google know about keyword and it's relevant result webpages. Google have huge number of indexed websites in its records.

Google use Internet Spiders (also known as Crawler) to track website activities (Add or editing webpages). All these webpages further categorized as per relevant keywords by Search Engine Algorithms, finally we get destination webpage by search results from these algorithms (set of rule list). A Very Simple Google Filtered Search Query:  Many time we didn't get proper result from google search due to similr keywords which have higher search ranks. You can overcome from this case by using double coa…