Google Search Tricks - Interesting Tips for Google Search Engine

Hello friends today we gonna talk about the How to get better results from Google Search Engine and how to avoid annoying ads on web-pages. But to know all these stuff we should know first "How Google Search Works" so here we go.

How Google Search Works:

Google search simply show you webpages, based on your search query (Keywords). Now questions is how Google know about keyword and it's relevant result webpages. Google have huge number of indexed websites in its records.

Google use Internet Spiders (also known as Crawler) to track website activities (Add or editing webpages). All these webpages further categorized as per relevant keywords by Search Engine Algorithms, finally we get destination webpage by search results from these algorithms (set of rule list).

A Very Simple Google Filtered Search Query: 

Many time we didn't get proper result from google search due to similr keywords which have higher search ranks. You can overcome from this case by using double coat keyword filter. for example you want to search for  Biggest mall in world, then you have to type like this 

"Biggest mall in world"
If we compare both queries search result then we got that first query shows more than 8,14,00,000 result but the coated query shows only 3,320 result.

Google Search Tips to Download Any Kind of Files from Web:

Well today it's the biggest problem for mostly internet users to download stuff for they are looking. Many  websites allow users to directly download anything from their server. Or some website supports directory listing technique. (What is Directly listing) You just need to enter your keyword with a syntax as example given below: 

intitle:"index of" "hips don't lie" (.mp4)

Above given syntax will show you result to download hips don't lie in mp4 type of video from web. you can change your keyword and file type as requirement. Now its need little file type knowledge. (Types of File). Like mostly applications are available in .EXE and videos in .MP4/AVI etc. Do not forget to put a dot (.) before the extension.
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