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Facebook is the 2nd most visited website in the world (1st before a year). Facebook has a great team of excellent programmers and coders but still facebook.com have lots of bugs & errors. Let's discuss some essential issues which have not been resolved.

Why Facbook Bugs are increasing Day by Day: 

In last of 2013 facebook.com was top site but after the populartity of Android and many Social Applications facebook users moving to other stuffs like whatsapp, intagram etc. Mr. Mark Jarkrbur (founder of facebook.com) want to place facebook on #1 again so the Facebook developer team every day experiment and do changes in site features. That's the main reason for increasing facebook bugs.

Facebook Face 100+ Tags: 

Facebook have limitation of 50 tags per picture only and before some time it works great but now after you can tag 100+  peoples in a photo. Now question is how to 100+ in a photo ?
  • Open photo or status in new tab in which you want to tag
  • Click to edit button below photo or status
  • A extended tag tab will appear, you can type initials of any name and select it for tag
  • Tag all peoples and click to done button
You can tag 100+ people using this trick (some time it's 105 or 109 peoples).

News feed Option hidden from Facebook: 

from last few months the news feed control option from timeline has disappeared, it means now you cannot control whatever pictures or status shows on your timeline. If you dont want update from any one then you must manually unfollow that profile or page. Facebook really need to fix is very soon.

Lazy Loading for Profile Options:

Facebook have awesome lazy loading on it's home page and time-line. (when we scroll down to bottom at any page then same page auto include some content without reloading it, this is called lazy loading.) Facebook profile page have five options (one is MORE), if you open profile page then you will see all the details you shared with people but after that each thing related to your profile will start loading via lazy loading like Movies, Sports, Books, Photos, Places. It seems very uncomfortable, even on slow internet it doesn't work. This should should not be there.

Chat Message Last Seen of Facebook:

Facebook have different options for the mobile and web. If you are using the facebook chat from mobile or Facebook messenger then last seen works great but if you are online from web then you may can notice the last seen from you and another chat end. For example if any of your friend sent you a message then it will not considered as seen until you click on message pop-up, even you have seen that message on the screen an.

Facebook Future Updates:

  • Friend request
  • Facebook Blocking Bug
  • Group
Hope any of Talented Facebook team member will fix these soon ;)


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